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Cryotherapy is one of the most popular services for pain management and boosting energy. Our industry-leading cryosaunas fill with nitrogen vapor between -130ºF and -184ºF to promote natural healing of the body.

Compression Therapy

Compression therapy is one of the most high-demand services for athletes and highly active people. Our dynamic system uses compressed air to massage the legs, arms and hips – providing needed therapy and relief.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas deliver an effective detox to the entire system. Popular in the wellness industry, the Infrared sauna experience is efficient and effective, leaving guests revitalized and energized.


Cryosculpting is one of the most revolutionary services in the industry with proven results for customers seeking rejuvenation and visible results. CryoSkin is a non-invasive treatment, alternating heating and cooling, to tone and sculpt the face and body.

High-demand wellness and recovery services uniquely combined to create the FrostFire franchise opportunity.

FrostFire Wellness Spa was developed by the team that founded Impact Cryotherapy, the leading US manufacturer of whole-body cryotherapy systems and distributor of wellness and recovery equipment. Backed by Franworth, a leader in the franchise industry, we are able to bring a level of expertise and experience to our franchisees that no other wellness and recovery business can match. Collectively, our team bridges the resource gap and accelerates value creation for our franchisees.

FrostFire Wellness Spa has mastered the membership-based, recurring-revenue model. Our interactive membership Pre-Sales program allows consumers to test out our modalities in a branded mobile vehicle prior to a franchise location opening. This innovative program generates franchisees revenue before they are even open and jump starts their path to profitability.  

An Innovative Wellness & Recovery Franchise Concept


According to the Global Wellness Institute, “personal care, beauty, and anti-aging” services represent $955 Billion of the global wellness economy output and are positioned for massive growth over the next 10 years due to consumers placing a greater emphasis on their health and wellness.

Global Wellness

$4.4 Trillion and growing.

Personal Care, Beauty and Anti-Aging

$955 Billion and growing.
Cyrotherapy and Infrared are leading the growth.

Workplace Wellness

$49 Billion and growing.
Seismic shift from treatment to prevention with holistic and recurring wellness.

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Passion for healthy living and wellness.


Natural born leadership qualities.


Laser focused on success and willing to accept nothing less.


Proven experience collaborating with others.

Trail Blazer

Energized by a ground floor opportunity.


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The Investment


Initial Franchise Fee


Continuing Royalty Fee

~ $300K - $500K

Initial Investment Range

As people of all ages seek a healthier lifestyle, full-body wellness, and improved performance, FrostFire has the answer. FrostFire’s unique combination of core modalities addresses this growing demand by providing a one-stop wellness and recovery destination via a unique membership-based model. Members and guests will experience the benefits of FrostFire’s therapies, including increased energy, reduced inflammation, improved circulation, pain management and more.

The premier wellness and recovery franchise.


To inspire and empower proactive wellness and recovery at an affordable price, designed to provide members an unrivaled experience delivered with proven modalities and innovative technologies.


*Data from Global Wellness Institute 2020.

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